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Seventh Annual PRIMES Conference, May 20-21, 2017

Room 4-370, MIT

Open to the public

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Saturday, May 20


Prof. Pavel Etingof and Dr. Tanya Khovanova with PRIMES students

8:20 am Welcoming Remarks

Prof. Tomasz Mrowka, Head of the MIT Mathematics Department
Prof. Pavel Etingof, PRIMES Chief Research Advisor
Dr. Slava Gerovitch, PRIMES Program Director

Franklyn Wang

8:50 am Session 1

Franklyn Wang, Monodromy groups of indecomposable rational functions (mentor Prof. Michael Zieve, University of Michigan) (slides)
Michael Ren, On quasi-invariant polynomials (mentor Xiaomeng Xu) (slides)
Swapnil Garg, Hilbert series of the representation of Cherednik algebras (mentor Alexey Pakharev, Northeastern University) (slides)
Megan Joshi, Maximal self-intersection number of curves on surfaces (mentor Prof. Moira Chas, SUNY at Stony Brook) (slides)

Megan Joshi

Prof. Pavel Etingof

10:10 am Session 2

Anlin Zhang, Modelling epidemics on networks with cliques (mentor Prof. Laura Schaposnik, University of Illinois at Chicago) (slides)
Kyle Gatesman, An algorithmic and computational approach to optimizing gerrymandering (mentor Prof. James Unwin, University of Illinois at Chicago) (slides)
Richard Xu, Graph theory and tessellations (mentor Prof. Sergiy Merenkov, CCNY – CUNY) (slides)
Kaiying Hou and Byung Yeon Rhee, Continuum modelling of traffic system with autonomous vehicles (mentor Andrew Rzeznik) (slides)

Kyle Gatesman

Dr. Tanya Khovanova

11:25 am Session 3

Zoe Levitt (PRIMES Circle), An introduction to group theory and braids (mentor Lara Booth) (slides)
Joshua Lee, Coin games and 5-way scales (mentor Dr. Tanya Khovanova) (slides)
Hyunjun Ahn, Benjamin Chen, Richard Chen, Ezra Erives, Jeremy Fleming, Michael Gerovitch, Tejas Gopalakrishna, Neil Malur, Nastia Polina, and Poonam Sahoo (PRIMES STEP students) We are the CHOMPians (mentor Dr. Tanya Khovanova) (slides)
Pratik Alladi, Neel Bhalla, Nathan Sheffield, Tiancheng Song, Will Sun, Andrew The, Alan Wang, Naor Wiesel, Kevin Zhang, Kevin Zhao (PRIMES STEP students) Impartial combinatorial games (mentor Dr. Tanya Khovanova) (slides)

Zoe Levitt

PRIMES STEP students

1:30 pm Session 4

Ayush Agarwal, Maps between critical groups of group representations (mentor Christian Gaetz) (slides)
Michael Gintz, Classifying graph Lie algebras (mentor Dr. Tanya Khovanova) (slides)
Aaron Kaufer, Low-dimensional d-Algebras (mentor Lucas Mason-Brown) (slides)
Daniel Liu and Nathan Ramesh, Verma modules of the Virasoro algebra (mentor Siddharth Venkatesh) (slides)

Aaron Kaufer

2:45 pm Session 5 

Richard Zhou, Pattern avoidance classes invariant under the modified Foata-Strehl action (mentor Yan Zhuang, Brandeis University) (slides)
Dylan Pentland, Coefficients of q-binomial coefficients modulo N (mentor Younhun Kim) (slides)
Jason Chen, Arithmetic properties of weighted Catalan numbers (mentor Dmitry Kubrak) (slides)
Mihir Singhal, Generalizations of Hall-Littlewood polynomials (mentor Christopher Ryba) (slides)

Louis Golowich

Jeffery Yu

4:00 pm Session 6 

William Zhang, Pattern avoidance on binary matrices (mentor Jesse Geneson) (slides)
Louis Golowich, Set-sequential trees (mentor Chiheon Kim) (slides)
Michael Ma, A generalization of Erdös-Szekeres to permutation pattern replacement (mentor William Kuszmaul, Stanford University) (slides)
Wendy Wu and Andy Xu, Second gonality of Erdös-Rényi random graphs (mentor Guangyi Yue) (slides)

Wendy Wu

Aaditya Singh and Sam Cohen (left to right)

5:15 pm Session 7 

Sam Cohen and Aaditya Singh, Generalization of some properties of discrete curve shortening flow (mentor Ao Sun) (slides)
Grace Tian, Multi-crossing numbers for knots (mentor Jesse Freeman) (slides)
Gopal Goel, Limits of interlacing eigenvalues in the tridiagonal β-Hermite matrix model (mentor Andrew Ahn) (slides)
August Chen, Folding, jamming, and random walks (mentor Prof. Jayadev Athreya, University of Washington) (slides)

Grace Tian

6:30 pm Session 8 

Jeffery Yu, Jacobian groups of biconnected graphs (mentor Dr. Dhruv Ranganathan) (slides)
Kaan Dokmeci, On denesting radicals (mentor Yongyi Chen) (slides)
David Darrow, A near-optimal spectral method for simulating fluids in a cylinder (mentors Prof. Alex Townsend, Cornell University, and Prof. Grady Wright, Boise State University) (slides)
Peter Rowley, Random walks on a grid with a periodic boundary condition (mentor Boya Song) (slides)

David Darrow

Prof. Pavel Etingof and Dr. Slava Gerovitch with PRIMES students

Sunday, May 22

Computer Science and Computational Biology

9:00 am Welcoming Remarks

Prof. Srini Devadas, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Dr. Slava Gerovitch, PRIMES Program Director

Prof. Srini Devadas and John Kuszmaul

Sanjit Bhat

9:15 am Session 9

Vivek Bhupatiraju, Towards append-only authenticated dictionaries (mentor Alin Tomescu) (slides)
Robert Chen, John Kuszmaul, and Yiming Zheng, Keychat: Secure messaging via Bitcoin (mentor Alin Tomescu) (slides)
Sanjit Bhat and David Lu, Analyzing Tor’s anonymity with machine learning (mentor Albert Kwon) (slides)
Theodor Lukin Yelin, AnonReddit: A strongly anonymous public forum (mentor Albert Kwon) (slides)

Anjali Saini

Nihar Sheth

10:45 am Session 10

Anjali Saini, Investigating the consensus algorithm (mentor Ling Ren) (slides)
Nihar Sheth, Investigating the scalability of Go’s garbage collector in multicore environments (mentor Cody Cutler) (slides)
Robert Cunningham, An analysis of a directory entry cache in a high level language (mentor Cody Cutler) (slides)

Zachary Steinberg

Caleb Trotz

11:40 am Session 11

Zachary Steinberg, Development of a new method for multicolor image segmentation of neuronal tissue in 20x expanded hydrogels (mentor Daniel Goodwin) (slides)
Chao Cheng, 1.00 for life: Real-time analysis of computational thinking (mentor Prof. John Williams) (slides)
Mayank Mali, Caleb Trotz, and Justin Yu, Automated calibration and a real-time web-based control interface for fiber lasers (mentor Michael Plotkin, IPG Photonics) (slides)

Vinjai Vale

1:35 pm Session 12

Harshal Sheth and Andrew Sun, Tarpan: A router that supports evolvability (mentor Dr. Raja Sambasivan, Boston University) (slides)
Henry Heffan and Shashvat Srivastava, Mo-nero, Mo-problems: Defending Monero against temporal analysis (mentors Ethan Hellman, Dr. Jason Hennessey, Kyle Hogan, and Dr. Mayank Varia, Boston University) (slides)
Vinjai Vale, Vision as inverse graphics: Machine learning techniques towards a program-based model for scene understanding (mentor Kevin Ellis) (slides)

Adithya Vellal

Andrew Gritsevskiy

2:50 pm Session 13

Dr. Gil Alterovitz, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, Introductory remarks
Adithya Vellal, Enrichment and analysis of sequence motifs in genomic variant calls (mentor Dr. Gil Alterovitz) (slides)
Andrew Gritsevskiy, Structural gene expression (mentor Dr. Gil Alterovitz) (slides)
Eric You, Analyzing compression: Using gene sets to find patterns in genomic compression (mentor Dr. Gil Alterovitz) (slides)

James Jusuf

3:55 pm Session 14

Makiah Bennett and Jack Flahive, Precision cancer medicine web application (mentor Dr. Gil Alterovitz) (slides)
James Jusuf, A versatile algorithm for finding patterns in large cancer cell line data sets (mentor Dr. Mahmoud Ghandi, Broad Institute) (slides)
Kevin Hu, An analysis of MDM4 alternative splicing and effects across cancer cell lines (mentor Dr. Mahmoud Ghandi, Broad Institute) (slides)
Kalyan Palepu and Andrew Zhang, Compression of genomic variants using convolutional autoencoders (mentor Dr. Gil Alterovitz) (slides)

Mathematics Reading Groups

Friday, December 15

Aurash Vatan and Andrew Yao

5:30 pm

Ashley Chen and Allen Wang, Hyperplane arrangements: Intersection posets, characteristic polynomials, and regions (mentor Zhulin Li) (slides)
Nathaniel Liberman and Nhat Pham, Topics in enumerative combinatorics (mentor Svetlana Makarova) (slides)
Nithin Kavi and Anmol Sakarda, Topics in knot theory (mentor Zhenkun Li) (slides)
Aurash Vatan and Andrew Yao, Elliptic curves and Mordell's theorem (mentor Andrew Senger) (slides)
Jeremy Chen and Yuxuan (Tom) Zhang, Algebraic number theory and representation theory (mentor Robin Elliott) (slides)


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