Seminar on Topics in Arithmetic, Geometry, Etc.

STAGE is a seminar in algebraic geometry and number theory, featuring speakers talking about work that is not their own. Talks will be at a level suitable for graduate students. Everyone is welcome.
Meetings are held on Fridays, 11:00am-12 in MIT room 2-147.
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For titles and abstracts, please see the mathematics department calendar.

Fall 2010 schedule
September 10: Organizational meeting
September 17: Ben Brubaker - Shimura varieties
September 24: Jennifer Balakrishnan - p-adic Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture, in 8-205
October 1: Chenyang Xu - Rationally connected varieties
October 8: Anatoly Preygel - Berkovich spaces
October 15: Jonathan Pottharst - p-adic local Langlands conjecture
October 22: Catherine Lennon - Weil conjectures
October 29: Zhiwei Yun - Lubin-Tate formal groups
November 5: Andrew Sutherland - Arithmetic dynamics
November 12: Kirsten Wickelgren - Perverse sheaves
November 19: Kaloyan Slavov - Converse to Herbrand's theorem
December 3: Lola Thompson - Artin's primitive root conjecture
December 10: Kartik Venkatram - Mori theory

Past semesters: Fall 2009, Spring 2010. For semesters up to and including Spring 2009, see the old STAGE webpage on Kiran Kedlaya's website.

Organizers: Jennifer Balakrishnan, Abhinav Kumar, Bjorn Poonen