Talbot 2017: Obstruction theory for structured ring spectra

Mentored by Maria Basterra and Sarah Whitehouse

May 21-27, 2017
Gooding, ID

The mentors have prepared a description of the talks, with extensive references.

Here is some advice on how to give a good Talbot talk.

Notes: A lightly edited version of notes taken by Eva and Sanath during the workshop can be found here: (pdf, tex sources). Please report errors if you find any!


Talk 1. Overview (Sarah Whitehouse).

Talk 2. Operads (Calista Bernard).

Talk 3. Examples of structued ring spectra (Jens Kjaer).

Talk 4. Robinson's $A_\infty$ obstruction theory (Foling Zou).


Talk 5. Robinson's $E_\infty$ obstruction theory (J.D. Quigley).

Talk 6. $\Gamma$-homology I: Properties and calculations (Robin Elliott).

Talk 7. $\Gamma$-homology II: More calculations and applications (Pax Kivimae).

Talk 8. Quillen cohomology (Eric Berry).

Talk 9. Topological André-Quillen cohomology I (Daniel Hess).


Talk 10. Topological André-Quillen cohomology II (Yu Zhang).

Talk 11. Obstruction theory for connective spectra (Leo Herr).


Talk 12. Application of $TAQ$: $BP$ is $E_4$ (Guchuan Li).

Talk 13. Goerss-Hopkins obstruction theory I (Dominic Culver).

Talk 14. Goerss-Hopkins obstruction theory II (Paul VanKoughnett).

Talk 15. Applications of Goerss-Hopkins obstruction theory (Özgür Bayindir).

Talk 16. Comparison results I (Arpon Raskit).


Talk 17. Comparison Results II (Aron Heleodoro).

Talk 18. $MU_{(p)} \to BP$ is not an $E_\infty$ map (Gabe Angelini-Knoll).

Talk 19. $BP$ is not $E_{12}$ at $p = 2$ (Andy Senger).

Talk 20. Further directions (Maria Basterra).