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Hyperbolic Equations and Scattering:
A Conference in Honor of Gerard Friedlander


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Building W31-301
Corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA
September 29-30, 2000

Speakers (in order of appearance)


10:00 AM
Gerard Friedlander (University of Cambridge)
"The wave equation on asymptotically Euclidean manifolds"

11:00 AM
Peter D. Lax (Courant)
"The Radon transform in hyperbolic space, and the Phillips-Sarnak-Wolpert conjecture/theorem"

12:00 NOON
Sergiu Klainerman (Princeton)
"Local well-posedness for quasilinear wave equations"

2:00 PM
Michael E. Taylor (UNC)
"Gibbs phenomena and variants for eigenfunction expansions"

3:00 PM
Mark Williams (UNC)
"Singular pseudodifferential operators and oscillatory multidimensional shocks"

4:00 PM
Rafe Mazzeo (Stanford)
"Scattering and resolvents on product spaces"

5:00 PM
Gunther Uhlmann (Washington)
"Recent Progress on Inverse Boundary Problems"


9:00 AM
Lars Hörmander (Lund)
"Some explicit solutions of second order partial differential equations"

10:00 AM
Antonio Sa Barreto (Purdue)
"Radiation Fields on Manifolds with Constant Negative Curvature Near Infinity"

11:00 AM
Victor Ivrii (Toronto)

12:00 NOON
Andras Vasy (M.I.T.)
"Many-body scattering"

2:00 PM
Daniel Tataru (Northwestern)
"Linear and bilinear dispersive estimates for second order hyperbolic equations with rough coefficients"

3:00 PM
Jared Wunsch (SUNY, Stony Brook)
"The wave equation on conic manifolds"

4:00 PM
Maciej Zworski (Berkeley)
"Resonance expansions of scattered waves"


Professor Richard Melrose

Jan Wetzel