“From Here to Where…”

Prof. Gigliola Staffilani hosts the career exploration event  “From Here to Where?” At each session, students are invited to talk with math majors who went on to have successful  careers.

Past speakers have included Teal Guidici,  a Machine Intelligence Scientist at Draper who applies statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms to applications; Kimberly Villalobos Carballo, a PhD student in MIT’s Operations Research Center who works with Professor Dimitris Bertsimas on optimizing food supply chains; Filip Twarowski, CEO and Founder of Point, an AI startup predicting what customer support reps should say when replying to their customers’ questions; Alec Resnick, a co-director at Powderhouse Studios, a research and design organization opening a public high school in Somerville, MA.; and and Libby A. Doucet, Assistant Director, MIT Career Counseling and Training.

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