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Directory: Staff

Name Title Contact
Bower, Debbie

Academic Services Staff

2-110 x3-1258
Collver, Michael

Editorial Assistant

Reading Room Staff

2-368 x3-4984
Cummings, Theresa

Academic Services Staff

2-110 x3-4977
Dixon, André Lee

Faculty Support Staff

2-430A x3-4386
Duarte, Cesar

Special Projects Assistant

2-106 x3-4079
Dumont, Sherry

Events Assistant

2-252A x3-4399
Ecung, Becky

Web Administrator

Remote x4-4274
Entzminger, Shirley

Faculty Support Staff

2-350A x3-4994
Gallarelli, Michele

Academic Services Staff

2-110 x2-2007
Hong, Chai

Senior Financial Assistant

Kuhl, Amanda

Human Resources Administrator

2-106A x8-7186
Lin, Nan

Administrative Officer

2-106B x3-3685
Lloyd, Hailey

Academic Services Staff

2-110 x3-9416
McGrath Tribble, Erin

Director of Development, Math and Physics

4-309 x2-2807
Miller, Sandi

Communications Assistant

2-368 x8-6895
Mondazzi, Amelia

Systems Administrator Assistant

2-170 x3-4995
Moura, Susan Fontes

Financial Assistant II

2-106 x3-3778
Mui, Cherry

Financial Administrator

2-106D x3-2515
Peskin, Barbara

Academic Administrator

2-110B x3-2416
Porche, Dennis

Assistant to the Department Head

4-172A x3-1797
Zammuto, Rosalee

Administrative Assistant II

2-106 x4-5291

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