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Victor Guillemin

Victor Guillemin

Room 2-270
Phone x3-4983

Professor of Mathematics
Differential Geometry

Victor Guillemin received the B.A. from Harvard in 1959, the M.A. from the University of Chicago in 1960, and the Ph.D. from Harvard in 1962, under the direction of Shlomo Sternberg. Following an instructorship at Columbia University, Professor Guillemin joined the MIT mathematics faculty in 1966 (professor in 1973). He was appointed the Norbert Wiener Professor of Mathematics, 1994-1999. Professor Guillemin's research interests are in differential geometry and symplectic geometry. He was elected Fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences (1984) and Member of the National Academy of Sciences (1985). He subsequently received the Guggenheim and Humboldt fellowships. In 2003, Professor Guillemin received the Leroy P. Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement of the AMS. It read in part, "Victor Guillemin has played a critical role in the development of a number of important areas in analysis and geometry. In particular, he has made fundamental contributions to microlocal analysis, symplectic group actions, and spectral theory of elliptic operators on manifolds...."


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Erdös Number: 3
Einstein Number: 4