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Alan Edelman

Alan Edelman

Room 2-349
Phone x3-7770

On Leave Spring semester

Professor of Applied Mathematics
Parallel Computing, Numerical Linear Algebra, Random Matrices

Alan Edelman is Professor of Applied Mathematics, and in 2004 founded Interactive Supercomputing (acquired by Microsoft). He received the B.S. & M.S. degrees in mathematics from Yale in 1984, and the Ph.D. in applied mathematics from MIT in 1989 under the direction of Lloyd N. Trefethen. Following a year at Thinking Machines Corp and at CERFACS in France, Edelman went to U.C. Berkeley as a Morrey Assistant Professor and Lewy Fellow, 1990-93. He joined the MIT faculty in applied mathematics in 1993. Edelman's research interests include high performance computing, numerical computation, linear algebra and stochastic eigenanalysis (random matrix theory). He has consulted for Akamai, IBM, Pixar, and NKK Japan among other corporations. A Sloan fellow, Edelman received an NSF Faculty Career award in 1995. He has received numerous awards, among them the Gordon Bell Prize and Householder Prize (1990), the Chauvenet Prize (1998), the Edgerly Science Partnership Award (1999), the SIAM Activity Group on Linear Algebra Prize (2000), and the Lester R. Ford Award, (2005). In 2011, Edelman was selected a Fellow of SIAM, "for his contributions in bringing together mathematics and industry in the areas of numerical linear algebra, random matrix theory, and parallel computing." Edelman was named a 2018 Fellow of the IEEE for his "contributions to the development of technical-computing languages," namely the Julia language for numerical/scientific computing. In 2019, Alan was also honored with the Sidney Fernbach Award of the IEEE.


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Erdös Number: 3
Einstein Number: 4