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Chenyang Xu

Chenyang Xu

Room 2-468
Phone x3-6544

On Leave Fall and Spring semesters

Professor of Mathematics
Algebraic geometry
Algebra & Algebraic Geometry

Chenyang Xu joined the mathematics faculty as Professor in September, 2018. Xu completed his PhD at Princeton University under János Kollár in 2008. He came to MIT as a CLE Moore Instructor, 2008–2011, and was subsequently appointed assistant professor at the University of Utah. He returned to Peking University as a research fellow at the Beijing International Center of Mathematical Research in 2012, where he was promoted to professor in 2013.

Xu specializes in higher-dimensional algebraic geometry, an area that involves classifying algebraic varieties, primarily through the minimal model program (MMP). With collaborators, he developed the algebro-geometric theory of K-stability. He also made contributions to the theory on boundedness of varieties and expanded the MMP to varieties of certain conditions, such as those of characteristic p in higher dimensions. A graduate of Peking University, among his major distinctions, Chenyang was awarded China’s inaugural Future Science Prize in Mathematics and Computer Science in 2017, and in 2019 the New Horizons in Mathematics Prize. In 2020 Chenyang was selected to be a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society.


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