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Davesh Maulik

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Room 2-346
Phone x3-1796

Professor of Mathematics
Algebraic Geometry
Algebra & Algebraic Geometry

Davesh Maulik works in algebraic geometry. His interests concern moduli spaces of geometric objects - for example algebraic curves or sheaves - and various questions regarding their structure. In many cases, these require developing and exploiting connections with related fields such as mathematical physics, symplectic geometry, and representation theory. Maulik completed his doctoral work at Princeton University in 2007, studying under Rahul Pandharipande. That year, he received a five-year research fellowship from the Clay Mathematics Institute, which he took in postdoctoral appointments at Columbia University and at MIT. In 2011, he joined the faculty at Columbia as an associate professor (with tenure). In 2009, he received the Compositio Mathematica Prize with coauthors for an outstanding research publication, and was an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Korea in 2014. Professor Maulik joined the MIT Mathematics Faculty in July 2015.


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Erdös Number: 4