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Andrei Neguț

Andrei Neguț

Room 2-269
Phone x3-6770

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Algebraic Geometry, Representation Theory
Algebra & Algebraic Geometry | Representation Theory | Theoretical Physics

Andrei Negut is the 1947 Career Development Associate Professor as of July 2020. He joined the MIT mathematics faculty in July 2015 as Assistant Professor. He received the PhD from Columbia University in 2015, studying under Andrei Okounkov. He completed the Master's in mathematics from Harvard in 2012, and the B.A. from Princeton in 2009.

Negut's overall program concentrates on problems in geometric representation theory, an area that overlaps with studies in algebraic geometry and representation theory. His results connect to areas in mathematical physics, symplectic geometry, combinatorics and probability theory. His current research focuses on moduli of sheaves, quiver varieties, quantum algebras and knot invariants.

In 2018, Negut received a Sloan Research Fellowship. In 2019 he was selected for the 1947 Career Development Faculty Chair, 2019-2022. He also received an NSF CAREER Award for 2019-2024.


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