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Semyon Dyatlov

Semyon Dyatlov

Room 2-273
Phone x3-4057

On Leave Fall and Spring semesters

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Scattering theory, microlocal analysis, dynamical systems, general relativity

Semyon Dyatlov is Associate Professor of Mathematics, effective July 2018. He joined the mathematics faculty as Assistant Professor in January, 2016. Semyon received his Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley in 2013, under the guidance of Maciej Zworski. In 2013, Dyatlov received 5-year Clay Research Fellowship. In 2017, he received a Sloan Research Fellowship.

Semyon uses the methods of microlocal analysis to study problems in scattering theory, in particular questions regarding scattering resonances. The two principal applications of his work concern decay of waves on black hole spacetimes (where resonances are known as quasi-normal modes) and decay of correlations for Anosov and Axiom A flows (and the corresponding Pollicott-Ruelle resonances).


Mathematics Genealogy Project
Erdös Number: 4
Einstein Number: 5