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Ju-Lee Kim

Ju-Lee Kim

Room 2-442
Phone x3-7576

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Professor of Mathematics
Representation Theory of p-adic groups
Representation Theory

Ju-Lee Kim joined the MIT mathematics faculty as tenured associate professor in 2007, promoted to full professor in 2012. She received the B.S. from the Korean Advanced Institute in Science & Technology in 1991, and the Ph.D. from Yale in 1997, under the direction of Roger Howe. She had postdoctoral appointments at the École Normale Supérieure, and at IAS before joining the faculty at the University of Michigan as assistant professor in 1998. In 2002, she moved to the University of Illinois at Chicago. Professor Kim's research interests include representation theory, harmonic analysis of p-adic groups, Lie theory and automorphic forms. In 2020 she received the MIT Earll M. Murman Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising.


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Erdös Number: 4
Einstein Number: 5