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Zhiwei Yun

Zhiwei Yun

Room 2-436
Phone x4-7659

Professor of Mathematics

Zhiwei Yun, Professor, January 2018, came to MIT from Yale University. Zhiwei is a representation theorist working on the Langlands program. He has produced fundamental results at the crossroads between algebraic geometry, number theory, and representation theory. While he was a Moore Instructors at MIT, he did joint work (with Heinloth and Ngo) that resolved a longstanding question of Nicholas M. Katz. He expanded this result to answer an open question of Jean-Pierre Serre on monodromy groups, which led to a major result on the inverse Galois problem in number theory (concerning symmetry of number systems). More recently, he co-authored a paper with Wei Zhang on the arithmetic of automorphic L-functions, a groundbreaking work that could lead to the resolution of the geometric analogue of the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture (one of the 7 Millennium Prize problems of the Clay Math Institute). In 2012 Yun received the SASTRA Ramanujan Prize, the 2013 Packard Fellowship, the 2016 Morningside Silver Medal of Mathematics, given by the International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians. In December 2017, it was announced that he, jointly with Wei Zhang, were to receive the 2018 New Horizons Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics. Also, both Yun and Zhang will be invited speakers at ICM 2018. Zhiwei received his PhD in from Princeton in 2009; was a CLE Moore Instructor at MIT, 2010-2012, had faculty appointments at Stanford and at Yale, before joining the MIT faculty.