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Bazant, Martin

66-350   x4-2036

Professor of Chemical Engineering and Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics, Electrokinetics, Microfluidics and Electrochemistry

Berger, Bonnie

32-G574   x3-4986

2-373   x3-1827

Simons Professor of Mathematics

Theoretical Computer Science, Computational Biological Modeling

Bezrukavnikov, Roman

2-470   x3-2684

Professor of Mathematics

Representation Theory, Algebraic Geometry

On Leave Spring semester

Borodin, Alexei

2-280   x3-4998

Professor of Mathematics

Integrable Probability

Bush, John

2-446   x3-4387

Professor of Applied Mathematics

Fluid Dynamics

Cheng, Hung

2-379   x3-3663

Professor of Applied Mathematics

Theoretical Physics

Colding, Tobias Holck

2-369   x3-3215

Cecil and Ida Green Distinguished Professor of Mathematics

Pure Mathematics Committee Chair

Differential Geometry, Partial Differential Equations

Demanet, Laurent

2-247   x4-2614

Professor of Applied Mathematics

Applied analysis, Scientific Computing

Edelman, Alan

2-349   x3-7770

Professor of Applied Mathematics

Parallel Computing, Numerical Linear Algebra, Random Matrices

On Leave Spring semester

Etingof, Pavel

2-282   x3-3669

Professor of Mathematics

Representation Theory, Quantum Groups, Noncommutative Algebra

Goemans, Michel

2-474   x3-2688


Department Head

Professor of Mathematics

Algorithms, Combinatorics & Optimization

Guillemin, Victor

2-270   x3-4983

Professor of Mathematics

Differential Geometry

Guth, Larry

2-278   x3-4326

Claude Shannon Professor of Mathematics

Metric geometry, harmonic analysis, extremal combinatorics

Hosoi, Anette

3-262   x3-4337

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Associate Dean of Engineering

Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Analysis

Jerison, David

2-272   x3-4394

Professor of Mathematics

Partial Differential Equations, Fourier Analysis

Johnson, Steven

2-345   x3-4073

Professor of Applied Mathematics

Waves, PDEs, Scientific Computing

Kac, Victor

2-176   x3-2945

Professor of Mathematics

Algebra, Mathematical Physics

Kelner, Jonathan

2-344   x3-4344

Professor of Applied Mathematics

Theoretical Computer Science

Kim, Ju-Lee

2-442   x3-7576

Professor of Mathematics

Representation Theory of p-adic groups

Leighton, Tom

2-444   x3-3662

32-G594   x3-5876

Professor of Applied Mathematics

Theoretical Computer Science, Combinatorics

On Leave Spring semester

Lusztig, George

2-365   x3-4398

Abdun-Nur Professor of Mathematics

Group Representations, Algebraic Groups

Maulik, Davesh

2-346   x3-1796

Professor of Mathematics

Algebraic Geometry

Melrose, Richard

2-480   x3-2950

Professor of Mathematics

Partial Differential Equations, Differential Geometry

Miller, Haynes

2-478   x3-7569

  (617) 413-2419

Professor of Mathematics

Algebraic Topology

Minicozzi, William

2-371   x3-3299

Academic Officer

Associate Department Head

Singer Professor of Mathematics

Geometric Analysis, PDEs

Mossel, Elchanan

2-434   x3-4382

Professor of Mathematics

Probability, Algorithms and Inference

Mrowka, Tomasz

2-440   x3-2857

Professor of Mathematics

Gauge Theory, Differential Geometry

Parrilo, Pablo

32-D724   x4-1542

Professor of EECS and Mathematics

Optimization, Control Theory, Computational Algebraic Geometry, Applied Mathematics

Poonen, Bjorn

2-243   x8-8164

Distinguished Professor in Science

Professor of Mathematics

Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry

Postnikov, Alexander

2-367   x2-2876

Professor of Applied Mathematics

Algebraic Combinatorics

Rigollet, Philippe

2-279   x4-2809

Professor of Mathematics

Statistics, Machine Learning

Rosales, Rodolfo

2-337   x3-2784

Professor of Applied Mathematics

Nonlinear Waves, Fluid Mechanics, Material Sciences, Numerical pde

Seidel, Paul

2-276   x3-3773

Levinson Professor of Mathematics

Mirror Symmetry

Sheffield, Scott

2-249   x3-4350

Leighton Family Professor of Mathematics

Postdoc Officer

Probability and Mathematical Physics

Shor, Peter

2-375   x3-4362

Morss Professor of Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics Committee Chair

Quantum Computation, Quantum Information

Sipser, Michael

2-438   x3-4992

Donner Professor of Mathematics

MacVicar Faculty Fellow

Algorithms, Complexity Theory

Staffilani, Gigliola

2-251   x3-4981

Abby Rockefeller Mauze Professor of Mathematics

Analysis: Dispersive Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

Strang, Gilbert

2-245   x3-4383

MathWorks Professor of Mathematics

Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations

Xu, Chenyang

2-468   x3-6544

Professor of Mathematics

Algebraic geometry

On Leave Fall and Spring semesters

Yun, Zhiwei

2-436   x4-7659

Professor of Mathematics

Geometric Representation Theory, Number Theory

Zhang, Wei

2-476   x8-7180

Professor of Mathematics

Number Theory, Automorphic Forms, Algebraic Geometry

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