18.075 - Methods for Scientists and Engineers, Spring 2021


Instructor: Hung Cheng

Email: huncheng@math.mit.edu

Office: 2-379, 3-3663

Office Hours: F 2:00--3:00 P.M.

Canvas Website

Zoom Link: https://mit.zoom.us/s/91673888044

Lectures: MWF 1:00pm, virtual

Grader: Nicholas Zhixian Liu, nliu1@mit.edu


Covers functions of a complex variable; calculus of residues. Includes ordinary differential equations; Bessel and Legendre functions; Sturm-Liouville theory; partial differential equations; heat equation; and wave equations.

Prerequisites: Calculus II (GIR); 18.03

Text Book: Advanced Analytic Methods in Applied Mathematics, Science, and Engineering, by Hung Cheng, Luban Press.

Homework: You may discuss the problems with others but not copy their solutions. No late homework will be accepted without valid excuse. The homeworks will be 50% of the total grade.

Mid-term Exam: April 16, F. It is 50% of the total grade.

Final: No final.