18.075 - Advanced Calculus for Engineers, Spring 2015


Instructor: Hung Cheng

Email: huncheng@math.mit.edu

Office: E17-413f, 3-3663

Office Hours: F 4:00--5:30 P.M.

Lectures: MWF 3:00-4:00, Room E17-136

TA: Sylvain Carpentier, E17-301 AD.


Covers functions of a complex variable; calculus of residues. Includes ordinary differential equations; Bessel and Legendre functions; Sturm-Liouville theory; partial differential equations; heat equation; and wave equations.

Prerequisites: Calculus II (GIR); 18.03

Textbook: Advanced Analytic Methods in Applied Mathematics, Science, and Engineering, by Hung Cheng, Luban Press.

Homework: Homework assigned will be collected the first class the following week. You may discuss (but not copy) the problems with others. and no late homework will be accepted without valid excuse. The homeworks will be 10% of the total grade.

Exams: Three hour exams: March 9, M; April 13, M; May 11, M. No final. Each exam is 30% of the total grade.