Younhun (Youn) Kim

(last updated: August 13, 2018)

Research Interests

I am a third-year graduate student at MIT pursuing a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, currently advised by Bonnie Berger and Elchanan Mossel. My mathematical interests lie at the intersection of Combinatorics and Statistics. In particular, I find probabilistic models and questions inspired by biology or other naturally-occurring processes particularly fascinating.

My first name is pronounced "Young Hoon", without the g. My colleagues simply call me "Youn".

Teaching & Mentorship

Most recently, I worked as a mentor/resident counselor for MathROOTS. Outside of Boston, I have been volunteering as a problem reviewer for the NYCIML Junior Division. In previous years, I have also worked as a research mentor for high school students in MIT PRIMES and RSI. As an undergraduate at Brown, I was Head TA for CSCI 1810 (Computational Molecular Biology) for two years.


I received a Bachelor of Science degree in May 2016 from Brown University in Mathematics and Computer Science. During my time there, I was fortunate enough to be in the company of Professors Sorin Istrail and Ben Raphael.

Prior to finishing undergrad, I was employed by Orbis Systems in Jersey City, NJ as a programmer from 2009 to 2013.


The best way to get in touch is by e-mail: younhun (at) mit (dot) edu.

Department of Mathematics, Room 2-341C
Massachusetts Institute of Technology