Yan Zhang's Personal Page

I won't have time to write too much here. My favorite hobby is talking to people I don't know about things I don't understand, so email me at yanzhang (snail thing) post.harvard.edu.

If you are looking for my academic page, please go here.

I write on 3 public blogs:

Blue Slate, personal blog
Concrete Nonsense, a group math blog
Necessary Games, Jordan Magnusson's blog about videogames, with an indie bent

42 random heroes (not necessarily my role models!), including fictional characters. It does not contain (alive) people in my academic field.
  1. Alan Adams
  2. Boris Alexeev
  3. Charles Barkley
  4. Joshua Batson
  5. Russell "Stringer" Bell
  6. Cao Cao (historical or fictional)
  7. Italo Calvino
  8. Gerolamo Cardano
  9. Gabriel Carroll
  10. G.J.K. Chesterton
  11. cly5m
  12. Adam D'Angelo
  13. Richard Feynman
  14. Edgar Figaro
  15. Benjamin Franklin
  16. Hideyuki Fujisawa
  17. Phil Galfond
  18. Vincent van Gogh
  19. Alpha Hatsuseno
  20. Cady Heron
  21. E. T. Jaynes
  22. Zhuge Liang (historical only)
  23. Jordan Magnusson
  24. Sanjoy Mahajan
  25. Emmy Noether
  26. Pham Nuwen
  27. PSY
  28. Alec Resnick
  29. Laura Roslin
  30. Gian-Carlo Rota
  31. Jacob Steinhardt
  32. Terry Tao
  33. Yang Wen-Li
  34. Zoe Washburne
  35. Tabitha-Ruth "Turtle" Wexler
  36. John Wooden
  37. Ying Xin (my mother)
  38. Lu Xun
  39. Phoenix Wright
  40. Kiyoharu Yashiro
  41. Zhao Ziyang
  42. Michael Zhang