I have moved to UC Berkeley as of Fall 2013; my new homepage is here. This page will no longer be updated.

Yan X Zhang's Academic Homepage

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This is the academic webpage of Yan Zhang (I publish under Yan X Zhang). I received my Ph. D. in mathematics at MIT under Richard Stanley in June 2013. Starting Fall 2013, I will be a Morrey Visiting Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley. I do research in a variety of problems related to combinatorics, mostly algebraic.

If you are looking for more personal stuff, see my personal page.


In roughly reverse-chronological order:


In roughly reverse-chronological order. Research talks refer to papers and will have no additional information. Other (such as expository) talks will contain an abstract or similar information.


All teaching and misc. activities go here. My teaching style and philosophy owe greatly to two great teachers: my mother and Sanjoy Mahajan.


Please send mathematics-related email to yanzhang (snail thing) math.mit.edu
Note: I get a lot of traffic on this email account; please send personal email to my personal address (I will probably respond faster) , which is yanzhang (snail thing) post.harvard.edu.


I founded and semi-regularly contribute to: Concrete Nonsense.

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