18.024 - Calculus with theory (Spring 2013)


Lectures: T R 11 am - noon, F 2 - 3 pm in 2-131

Instructor: Vesna Stojanoska

Office Hours: R noon - 2 pm, in Room 2-335

Email: vstojanoska [at] math . mit .edu

Recitations: M W 2 - 3 pm in 2-131

Recitation Instructor: Dustin Clausen

Office Hours: TBA, in Room 2-587

Email: dclausen [at] math . mit .edu


From the registrar's course catalog: Continues 18.014. Parallel to 18.02, but at a deeper level, emphasizing careful reasoning and understanding of proofs. Considerable emphasis on linear algebra and vector integral calculus.

Specifics for this semester: The last third of the semester is reserved for integration of differential forms on chains and the general version of Stokes' theorem.

Textbook: Apostol, Tom M., Calculus, Calculus. Vol. II: Multi-variable calculus and linear algebra, with applications to differential equations and probability. Additional learning materials will also be provided.


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