Vishal Arul

MIT Department of Mathematics
Simons Building (Building 2)
Room 2-239A

I am a fifth year graduate student in the Department of Mathematics at MIT. I am studying number theory and algebraic geometry under the guidance of Bjorn Poonen. My CV is here. I am currently on the academic job market.


Torsion points on curves of the form yn = xd + 1 (.pdf) (arxiv)

On the ℓ-adic valuation of certain Jacobi sums (.pdf) (arxiv)

Division by 1-ζ on superelliptic curves and jacobians (.pdf) (arxiv)

Computing Zeta Functions of Cyclic Covers in Large Characteristic (.pdf) (arxiv) Together with Alex J. Best, Edgar Costa, Richard Magner, and Nicholas Triantafillou. The Open Book Series 2, no. 1 (2019): 37-53.

Parity-check multiplicity in binary cyclic codes. Together with Glen Frost and Derek Jung. Electronics Letters 49.23 (2013): 1456-1457.


Prime gaps (undergraduate senior thesis) (.pdf)


IAP 2019: TA for 18.02A (Recitation R03)

Fall 2018: TA for 18.02A (Recitation R04)

Fall 2018: TA for 18.01A (Recitation R04)

IAP 2018: TA for 18.02A (Recitation R03, R06)

Fall 2017: TA for 18.02 (Recitation R21)

Spring 2017: TA for 18.03