Vadim Gorin
About me
Integrable FRG
Probability seminar

Two main directions of my research are:

  1. Asymptotic analysis of integrable stochastic systems through exact formulas and algebraic techniques.
  2. Development of robust methods for proving the universality of the known asymptotic behaviors.

The list of my publications is available at Google Scholar Citations, and at arXiv.

Keywords: Integrable probability, 2d statistical mechanics, random matrices, interacting particle systems, asymptotic representation theory.

Extended reviews:

  1. Lectures on integrable probability, 2012.
  2. Lectures on random tilings, 2019.
Volume-weighted random lozenge tiling Uniformly random lozenge tiling: averaged Random lozenge tiling: Racah measure
Square-ice model Domino tiling Square-ice model:lines
Height function in an interacting particle system Sorting network Last Passage Percolation in Poission field

For sampling some of these pictures see Random Tilings Generator and its configuration file