18.086 - Computational Science And Engineering II (Spring 2016)




50 % homework (3 psets) and 50 % project. There will be no exams. Late homework will not be given any credit. Collaboration is allowed but not encouraged.

How to submit homework

Hand in your Psets by mail to [stoopn at mit dot edu], including your code generating all the results and plots before 12:00 am on the due day. Use subject: 18.086 homework {#}. Write clean code. Comment your programs appropriately.

Programming language

Any programming languages (Mathematica, C, C++, Fortran, MATLAB, Python, ...) can be used for homework and project.

The final project

Your project topic should be related to your research area. Improve your existing algorithm/code is a good idea but please do not recycle your own or other's previous project. An ideal project report consists of more or less 50% analysis and 50% computation. More details will be discussed in class and during office hours. Collaboration is allowed but generally not encouraged.