Interphase Calculus III

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Problem Sets

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Practice Midterm [solutions]

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List of concepts for Midterm

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Notes on setting up triple integrals

Additional topics for ASE

  • Clairaut's theorem (which says that partial derivatives commute)
  • Differentials and the multivariable chain rule
  • Motion in space (velocity, acceleration, curvature, maybe binormal vector; recovering position from velocity or velocity from acceleration by integrating)
  • Second derivative test for classifying cricial points as local max/min or saddle points
  • Arc length of a parametrized curve
  • Integrals of scalar functions over curves, with respect to arc length
  • Integrals of scalar functions over surfaces, with respect to surface area
  • More practice with setting up bounds for double and triple integrals in Cartesian, polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates
  • Green's theorem
  • Relations between curl, div, & grad, like curl grad f = 0 for all f, or div curl F = 0 for all F