In the spring 2013 semester, Juvitop was the Boston-area pre-Talbot seminar, so our topic was chromatic homotopy theory. Resources and references are available on the Talbot website.


13th Feb: A Review of Stable Homotopy Theory, by Saul Glasman. Video.
20th Feb: Bousfield Localization, by David White. Video. Notes.
27th Feb: Formal Group Laws and Complex Cobordism, by Denis Nardin. Video.
6th Mar: p-Typical Formal Group Laws and Brown-Peterson Homology, by Lukas Brantner. Video.
13th Mar: Structure of the Adams(-Novikov) Spectral Sequence, by Kyle Ormsby. Video.
20th Mar: Harvard Spring Break
27th Mar: MIT Spring Break. Video.
3rd Apr: Computations with the Adams(-Novikov) Spectral Sequence, by Michael Andrews. Video. Notes (these notes extend and complement rather than cover the material of the talk).
10th Apr: Nilpotence and Periodicity, by Akhil Mathew. Video.
17th Apr: The Chromatic Tower, by Aaron Mazel-Gee. Video.

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