For the current Juvitop. In fall 2013, our topic was the EHP sequence.


Tuesday 10th Sep, 5:00 (note one-off date): Introduction and Overview, by Mark Behrens.
18th Sep: Construction of the Fiber Sequence, by Michael Donovan.
25th Sep: Spectral Sequences, by Michael Andrews.
2nd Oct: First Computations, by Denis Nardin.
9th Oct: Birth, Death and Examples, by Jay Shah.
16th Oct: Introduction to ?-Algebra, by Lukas Brantner.
23rd Oct: No seminar (Frenkel colloquium)
30th Oct: ?-Algebra and the EHP Sequence, by Kyle Ormsby.
6th Nov: Metastable Homotopy Theory I, by Akhil Mathew.
20th Nov: Bordism-Theoretic Interpretations of the James-Hopf Map, by Saul Glasman.
11th Dec: The EHP Sequence and the Goodwillie Tower, by Gijs Heuts.

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