Paul Seidel

Source code for computations

Homological algebra

  • The paper "Homological mirror symmetry for the quartic surface" relied on a variety of computations (Code 2002, partly revised 2011)
  • (Python 3 code for my paper "Symplectic homology as Hochschild homology", 2006)
  • (Python 3 code for my paper "Homological mirror symmetry for the genus two curve", 2009)
  • (Python 3 code adapted from the previous one, computing Hochschild homology of graded algebras, 2010)
  • Enumerative geometry

  • Code from the example computations in "Fukaya categories associated to Lefschetz fibration 2 1/2" (2015):,, This is Python 3 code heavily using the sympy module.


    Braid factorization code written by Andrew Geng as part of his Undergraduate Research Project (2010). I supervised the project, but Andrew did all the actual work. His paper refers to this address, which is why I will continue to host the code for the foreseeable future.