18.968 Topics in Geometry (Spring 2020)

This topics class will cover Symplectic Floer homology and Fukaya categories, as applied to Lefschetz fibrations.

The class should be suitable for graduate students with an interest in symplectic topology and its interactions with algebraic geometry and mirror symmetry. There is a strong TQFT (topological quantum field theory) flavour, meaning a structure of operations governed by Riemann surfaces. The technical foundations will be touched on only lightly, so it is suitable for students who want to get a feeling for the structure of the subject without entering into all its details. The class is not suitable for undergraduate students; if you think you are an exception to that, ask for permission before registering, and explain why your situation is exceptional.

Interested in reading ahead?

A number of related courses have been taught (Auroux, Pascaleff, Chantraine...) for which you can find notes, and sometimes videos, online.