UCSD Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Fall 2013

Meetings are held on Wednesdays, 4:15-5:15pm, in APM 7291.

For titles and abstracts, please see also the mathematics department calendar.

Fall 2013 schedule
October 23: Andrew Macpherson (Imperial College)
Title: Skeleta in non-Archimedean and tropical geometry
October 30: Andrew Macpherson (Imperial College)
Title: Skeleta in non-Archimedean and tropical geometry, II
November 6: Mark Gross (UCSD)
Title: Non-archimedian and real Monge-Ampere equations.
SPECIAL DATE: November 11, 3-4pm, room 7218: Jie Wang (UGA)
Title: The birational geometry of moduli spaces of sheaves on P^2 and Bridgeland stability conditions.
November 20: Tiankai Liu (MIT)
Title: Cuspidal curves and Cremona transformations
November 27:Thanksgiving: No seminar
December 4: No seminar
December 11: John Lesieutre (MIT)
Title: Counterexamples to some positivity questions.
Abstract:There are several examples of varieties admitting infinite sequences of flops, including blow-ups of $\mathbb P^3$ at eight or more very general points and some Calabi-Yau threefolds. I will explain how these sequences of flops can be exploited to produce counterexamples to some questions in birational geometry: the number of Fourier-Mukai partners of a variety can be infinite; the diminished base locus of a divisor is not always a closed set; Zariski decompositions do not necessarily exist in dimension three; and nefness is not an open condition in families. If there's time, I'll say a bit about some related pathologies of asymptotic multiplicity invariants for linear series.

Organizers: Mark Gross, Ehlam Izadi, James McKernan and Dragos Oprea

This seminar is supported in part by grants from the NSF. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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