Analysis I:18.100B (Fall 2002)


There are two `sections'

For the one taught by Mihalis Dafermos (Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11-12 in 4-159)


This web page is for the section taught by Richard Melrose (Me): Tuesdays and Thursdays in 2-102, 9:30-11:00 AM in 4-163

Office Hour: Wednesdays 2-3PM in 2-174
Changing Sections

Lecture Notes


Principles of Mathematical Analysis by W. Rudin Rudin's book

The course

Grading, homework, exams

Bianca Santoro will grade the homework. She has Office Hourse for 18.100B, Mondays 12-2 in 2-251.
Homework Homework and Tests
This will mostly be from the exercises in Rudin. I will remind you in class that there is a problem set each Tueday, due the following Tuesday by NOON. You will have to get the problems from here. It is to be returned the next Thursday.

I plan to have two in-class tests on October 17 and November 12. These are mainly intended to give you an idea of how you are doing. THERE WILL BE A FINAL EXAM -- BUT see also

Here is the scheme. Your grade will be computed two different ways, the actual grade you get will be the higher of the two
Method 1
Here H=Homework total, T=In-class test total and E=Final exam total.
Method 2
The notion here is to you may want to blow the whole semester thinking that you can always ace the final. I recommend strongly against it, but it is up to you -- good luck fella!

In my experience there is seldom much difference between the grades from the two methods. In either case the general idea is that the basic letter grades will correspond to
I hope not to see any D's and not too many C's either.