Teaching and Mentoring

Spring 2015 Northeastern (Lecturer) Dynamical Systems, Math 3341
Spring 2015 Northeastern (Lecturer) Honors Calculus II, Math 1342
Fall 2014 Northeastern (Lecturer) Mathematical Reasoning (Problem Solving in Discrete Math), Math 1365
Spring 2014 Northeastern (Lecturer) Probability and Statistics, Math 3081
Fall 2013 Northeastern (Lecturer 2 classes) Linear algebra and Applications, Math 2331
Spring 2013 Northeastern (Lecturer and course coordinator) Calculus 1, Math 1341
Spring 2013 Northeastern (Lecturer 2 classes) Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, Math 2341
Summer 2012 MIT (Mentor) MSRP (Minority Summer Research Program)
January 2012 MIT (Mentor) DRP (Directed Reading Program)
Summer 2011 MIT (Mentor) UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program)