Key words: quantum information theory,condensed matter physics, random matrix theory and free probability theory.

I love to calculate, and find (or develop) modern tools of mathematics to solve physical problems that are traditionally believed to be hard.

My main research focus has been:

1. Quantum many-body systems, which is at the interface of quantum information theory and condensed matter physics.

2. Early time quantum computers: in near future we expect to have tens of good quantum qubits and I work on helping realize them, and when we do, what to do with them that ascends classical computation.

3. Eigenanalysis of matrix models, especially in presence of randomness (dirt and noise). This often involves using Random Matrix Theory, (Free) Probability Theory, and (Multi-)Linear Algebra

I, however, have worked on other problems in applied mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering.

Based on direct experience, I firmly believe wonderful discoveries happen at the interfaces of various fields. I will be glad to work with mathematicians, scientists and engineers on problems of mutual interest.