18.354 - Nonlinear Dynamics II: Continuum Systems (Spring 2017)

Links from Lecture 2

Rayleigh's paper on dimensional analysis.

Taylor's first paper on the nuclear blast.

Taylor's second paper on the nuclear blast.

A detailed discussion of the history of Taylor's blast.

Links from Lecture 4

Random Walks in Biology by Howard C. Berg is available online from MIT Libraries (requires username and password).

A recent review paper on the applications of random walk models.

Links from Lecture 7

Mathematical Biology, Volume II by J.D. Murray is available online for those with MIT accounts.

Turing's original paper, "The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis".

A more recent paper discussing some of Turing's ideas.

Links from Lecture 8

An interactive demonstration of the brachistochrone problem.

Links from Lecture 12

A guide to good academic writing can be found here.

Links from Lecture 14

An thorough review paper on microswimmers.