Peter Haine

MIT Department of Mathematics, 2-390B
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

Research & Writing

My mathematical interests center around homotopy theory, higher category theory, and algebraic K-theory.

Research Papers

  1. Exodromy, with Clark Barwick & Saul Glasman (July 2018).
  2. Lifting Enhanced Factorization Systems to Functor 2-categories.
    • A note on a technical result about defining enhanced factorization systems on functor 2-categories.
    • arXiv:1604.06812

Expository Papers & Notes

  1. Notes on Étale Cohomology (October 2017).
    • Notes on the fundamental theorems of étale cohomology following Chapter VI of Milne's Étale Cohomology.
  2. An Introduction to Goodwillie Calculus (September 2017).
    • Notes on the basic setup of Goodwillie calculus in the ∞-categorical setting.
  3. An Overview of Motivic Cohomology (September 2017).
    • Notes for a talk at the MIT graduate student lunch seminar giving a very broad overview of motivic cohomology.
  4. On the K-theory of Finite Fields (September 2016).
    • Notes for a talk given at the 2016 Kan Seminar
  5. The Schur–Horn Theorem, with Sheela Devadas & Keaton Stubis (May 2015).
  6. The Proportion of Diagonalizable Matrices over a Finite Field, with Sheela Devadas & Keaton Stubis (April 2015).

Non-mathematical Papers

  1. MOOCs & STEM Fields: Rethinking Assesments (December 2014)
    • This paper recieved the second place James Howe Prize for anthropology writing (2014–2015 academic year).

About Me

I was an undergraduate at MIT and now am a second year PhD candidate in mathematics at MIT working with Clark Barwick. Outside of mathematics I enjoy running, hiking, skiing, art, and food.


Below you can find a copy of my CV. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Letters of recommendation and further references are available upon request.