Peter Haine

MIT Department of Mathematics, 2-390B
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

About Me

I come from a small town in northern New Hampshire and I aspire to become a math professor some day. I was an undergraduate at MIT and now am a second year PhD candidate in mathematics at MIT working with Clark Barwick. Outside of mathematics I enjoy running, hiking, skiing, art, and food.

If you're interested in what classes I've taken during previous semesters, please see the comprehensive list of my coursework below.


Below you can find a copy of my CV. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Letters of recommendation and further references are available upon request.

Research & Writing

My mathematical interests center around homotopy theory, higher category theory, and algebraic K-theory.

Research Papers

  1. Lifting Enhanced Factorization Systems to Functor 2-Categories.
    • Publication information.
      • Preprint (19 pages).

Expository Papers & Notes

  1. On the K-theory of Finite Fields (notes for a talk given at the 2016 Kan Seminar).
  2. Bundles, Stiefel–Whitney Classes, & Braid Groups (written for the 2015 UChicago REU).
  3. The Schur–Horn Theorem (with Sheela Devadas & Keaton Stubis).
  4. The Proportion of Diagonalizable Matrices over a Finite Field (with Sheela Devadas & Keaton Stubis).

Non-mathematical Papers

  1. MOOCs & STEM Fields: Rethinking Assesments.
    • Information.