THH and the trace map

juvitop, topology topics seminar

Fall 2009

Date: Wednesdays 4:30 to 5:30 PM, unless noted otherwise.
Room: 2-136.

  • September 16
    Nick Rozenblyum
  • September 23
    Anatoly Preygel
    Hochschild Homology
  • September 30
    Martin Frankland
    Structured ring spectra
  • October 7
    Angelica Osorno
    K-Theory of structured ring spectra
  • October 14
    Ricardo Andrade
    Introduction to THH
    Notes (Also see Ricardo's babytop Notes)
  • October 21
    Dustin Clausen
    Dennis trace map
  • October 27 at 4:00 pm in Room 2-132
    Mark Behrens
  • November 4
    Reid Barton
    Cyclotomic spectra
  • November 18
    Chris Schommer-Pries
    TC and friends
  • December 2
    Reid Barton
    Cyclotomic trace
  • December 9
    Clark Barwick

  • THH references:

    I. Madsen, Algebraic K-theory and traces
    T. Goodwillie, The Differential Calculus of Homotopy Functors
    Book in progress by Dundas, Goodwillie and McCarthy, The Local structure of algebraic K-theory
    In general, Dundas' web page contains a lot of useful stuff.

    J. McClure and R. Staffeldt, On the topological Hochschild homology of bu, I

    More to be added.

    Questions? Email Nick Rozenblyum (nrozen [AT] math) or Anatoly Preygel (preygel [AT] math).

    To see last year's page, on Homotopical group theory, look here: old juvitop.

    Also have a look at the topology seminar and babytop.