Schedule of final presentations

Name Topic Presentation date
Charlie Andrews-Jubelt Algorithms for Recommender Systems Apr 6
Suri Bandler Algorithms for Min-Cut Apr 8
Marcos Pertierra Expanders and Error Correcting Codes Apr 11
Hyun Sub Hwang Expanders and Psuedorandomness Apr 15
Annelise Steele Linear Programming Apr 20
Ying Gao Dilworth's Theorem with Applications Apr 22
Joe Cunningham The Zig-Zag product of Graphs Apr 25
Elisa Bridges Recurrence and Transcience of SRW on Z^d Apr 27
Connor Hanlon Alon-Roichman Theorem Apr 29
Paul Hager Fair Rent Division May 2
Emily Bridges Binary Knapsack Problem May 4
Claire Khodadad Coloring of Random Graphs May 6
Anthony Erb-Lugo Elliptic Curve Cryptography Mar 9
Emma Chesley Median Voter Theorem Mar 11