Undergraduate Seminar in Discrete Mathematics, 18.204

Instructor: Mustazee Rahman (mustazee@mit)
Office: 2-238A
Office hours: M 2-4 or by appointment
Lectures: MWF 1-2 in 2-135

Schedule for final presentations.
General grading scheme for presentations.
Course syllabus
Schedule overview:
  • Feb 3 and Feb 5: Instructor lectures
  • Feb 8: Short student lectures begin
  • Feb 24: Long student lectures begin
  • Mar 4: Short paper due
  • Mar 11: Proposal for final paper due
  • April 4: Draft of final paper due for peer review
  • April 20: First draft of final paper due
  • May 9: Final paper due
Writing resources: Susan Ruff, the department's communication specialist, will provide help with writing and presentation. MIT's Writing and Communication Center can provide general help as well.
Templates and examples:
Some useful links: