18.906: Spring 2014

18.906: Algebraic Topology II, Spring, 2014

General info:


I will not be following any particular book, and you certainly are not required to purchase any book for the course. The following books are the primary references I am using:


The course will be similar to my 2006 course. Complete lecture notes may be downloaded from MIT's open course-ware site.

Course calendar

Click here to view the course calendar. Informal handwritten lecture notes are posted here, as well as course assignments. Each day I will also attempt to fill in a planned topic for the next class period, as well as suggested reading.


Homework is usually assigned on Tuesdays, and usually due in class the tues after it is assigned. The psets will be posted on the calendar. It is fine to work with others, but you must turn in your own write-up.