I am currently an administrator of the Electric Handle Slide, a blog for graduate students to write about low-dimensional topology, Floer theory, symplectic geometry, and related fields. I found that previous posts from 2012-2014 were extremely helpful. So now it has been revived! If you are interested in writing a blog post, feel free to e-mail me.


Spring 2016

Contact Homology, H-Principles, Instanton Seminar, as taught by Dan-Cristofaro Gardiner, Emmy Murphy, and led by Tomasz Mrowka, respectively. These notes were taken using OneNote.


I co-organized a seminar over Summer 2017 on microlocal analysis from the Kashiwara-Schapira perspective with an eye towards symplectic geometry. The website can be found here.

Here are my seminar notes, as a OneNote notebook, starting from February 2016. This includes notes from the following seminars (webpages linked):

  • The MIT Geometry and Topology Seminar
  • The MIT Algebraic Topology Seminar (currently only one talk)
  • A Fall 2016 seminar on Derived Geometry and Floer Theory. The linked website contains all the notes and is easier to view than in the OneNote page.
  • The beginning of a Fall 2016 seminar on gauge theory. The notes I took cover Atiyah-Bott's Yang Mills Equations over Riemann Surfaces.
  • The Boston Graduate Topology Seminar (except for my own talk).
  • A Spring 2017 seminar I co-organized based on the paper Legendrian Knots and Constructible Sheaves by Shende-Treumann-Zaslow.
  • A Spring 2017 seminar on D-Modules I attended.


Here are my conference notes, as a OneNote notebook, starting from March 2016. This includes notes from the following conferences (webpages linked):

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