I'm a big big big fan of classical music, and am very involved in a number of musical projects. I play oboe and English horn, and although the double reed life is sometimes frustrating, I love it! Most recently I've been taking some stabs at conducting, and have begun learning the trumpet.


I'm currently a social chair of the MIT Symphony Orchestra, for which I've played oboe and English horn since arriving. You can watch some past performances here, including most recently a concert featuring Shostakovich Symphony No 5.

I also play in the PATHOS Ensemble, a chamber ensemble some friends of mine began in Spring 2016. For our first concert, I played English horn in Schoenberg Kammersymphonie No 1. Last semester, I played Oboe I in a chamber version of Beethoven Symphony No 3.

For the past year I have played in a wind quintet at MIT through the Chamber Music Society.

Most recently, I began a program to offer students a chance to get practice conducting small ensembles. These small rehearsals are an hour-long and rather informal. We gather some musicians (mostly from MIT) twice a week to conduct under students' batons. Our current roster consists of four student conductors, and the repertoire constantly changes, but is typically easy to sight read. Over the past semester, I have conducted excerpts from Mozart Symphony No 24, Elgar Enigma Variations, and Dvorak Symphony No 9 Movement 1.


These are a few of my favorite things... In some sense, this list is also tailored to pieces I think others might like even if they're not very into classical music. Eventually this will be filled out with links to my favorite recordings.


  • Tchaikovsky 4 was the first symphony I fell in love with. It's absolutely amazing, and I think is the perfect piece to convince others to listen to more classical music.
  • Beethoven 3 was the second symphony I fell in love with, but of course the Beethoven symphonies are fantastic. Check out 5, 6, 7, and 9 as well!
  • Mahler 2 is just fantastic. If you want a single movement from Mahler, though, go for the Adagietto from Mahler 5. I highly recommend these two very different takes from Bernstein and Abbado.
  • Symphonie Fantastique. The Boston Symphony Orchestra recently performed the most fantastic version of this piece I've ever heard.


  • Martinu Oboe Concerto - I really love this piece!
  • Poulenc Oboe Sonata
  • Strauss Oboe Concerto


  • Enigma Variations
  • Chopin basically anything
  • Late Beethoven string quartets
  • Many more things!


This will be updated eventually, perhaps with pictures and travel adventures and links to other things I like.

Ph.D. Student