This seminar is about sheaf theory in microlocal analysis, with an eye towards symplectic geometry, following the perspective of Kashiwara and Schapira. The hope is to give an introduction suitable enough for the audience to begin to be able to read modern literature invoking these techniques in symplectic geometry (see the reference list below). We will begin by understanding first the language of derived categories, and necessary background on sheaves, following Chapters I-II of [KS]. We will then work through the notes [Sc], understanding singular support as well as some applications to non-displaceability in symplectic geometry and PDEs. Finally, should time permit, we will continue on with some subset of the other resources listed below, encountering various applications of the theory to symplectic geometry.

We meet Thursdays 11-12:30 in Room 2-361 (at MIT).




Kevin Sackel, Melissa Zhang

Ph.D. Student