Kenneth Ascher

Office: 2-350B

Email: kascher + "at" +

About me:

I am an NSF Postdoc at MIT / visitor at the University of Washington. I will be an Instructor/NSF Postdoc at Princeton starting Fall 2018.

I obtained my PhD in 2017 under the direction of Dan Abramovich at Brown University.

Here is my CV.

Research Interests

Algebraic geometry-- moduli of stable pairs, birational geometry, higher dimensional algebraic geometry, logarithmic geometry, and applications to arithmetic.

Seminars / Conferences Organized

BATMOBYLE (Bi-annual Algebraic and Tropical Meetings of Brown and YaLE).

AMS Graduate Student Conferences @ Brown (2014-2016)


I am not teaching this year.

* In Summer 2017 I worked at Yale University as a project mentor for SUMRY, which resulted in this paper.

- I completed the Certificate I and Certificate IV programs through the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning

- I was awarded an "Outstanding Teaching Award" from the Brown Math Department at the Spring 2017 Graduation.

Past Teaching (Brown University)

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