18.04 Complex Analysis with Applications: Spring 2018
Dr. Jeremy Orloff

Class times

Lecture: MWF 3 in 2-143
Recitation: Vishesh Jain, R 1 in 2-143

Office hours

Jerry Orloff: M 2:10-3 in 2-157; T 3-4:30 in 24-606; or make an appointment
Vishesh Jain: Sunday 3-4:30 in 2-242;
Online Piazza office hours: Sunday 8pm - 12 midnight


  1. In spring 2019 the course will be taught by Laurent Demanet!
  2. Congratulations on finishing 18.04! Have a great summer!

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Grading and class policies

18.04 final: Wed. May. 23, 9:00-12:00 in 2-143
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Class notes
18.04 Stellar page (only for the gradebook and for sending emails to the class.)
18.04 Piazza site (Use this to ask questions and for online office hours.)
Piazza signup (Use this to register for the 18.04 Piazza site.)

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Problem sets

Practice exams

Practice questions exam 1solutions
Practice questions exam 2solutions

Review materials for final (also see previous review materials).
Laplace practice.Laplace tablesolutions

Some more review problemssolutions

Recitation handouts