j freakout Putting on my friend's eqipment in the Chinese locker room right before the USA vs China
tune up game before the 1998 Nagano Olympics...(Bob won't recognise me in  this disguise!!)

MIT vs HBS tournament game. I am on the far left and Cynara #99 is centering and taking the
face-off. (At least I should not be caught here!! )

I am applying theory (random processes) into practice here with Kathy (as you can see, she is much
more focused than I)


The aggressive side of me...just the beginning...
 Bamboo swords (shinai) are used in Kendo. My authentic steel sword is to the right (out of the picture)

Get out of the way! Pointing right at your computer screen!

turet1  turet2

If you are still intact, this is a TORPEDO by the way...


Should I point this at you?


I am taking my third aunt for a spin. Whoooooosh...
( Well, I am actually testing a wireless GPS system :))


Well, the chopper (Honda Rebel) was not agile enough, so I had to upgrade to the sportbike (Kawasaki Ninja)


This is the Suzuki RF600. It is a Sport Touring bike modeled after the Ferrari Testarossa.
This is probably the most gorgeous bike I ever owned and also the heaviest!


My current ride is the Yamaha R6. It is light, agile, with a great engine.
The problem is like most inline four's, it is asleep at low RPMs, but performs incredibly after 4,000 RPM.


My other current ride is the Ducati 750 Monster. This is a very versatile bike. It is L-twin and has good torque at low RPMs.


That's Michelle's minature pincher Pipa in the seat and the luggage panniers atached in the back.


...running into the woods...climbing on trees... (Hey! We are getting good
research ideas up here, seriously!-- that is why Emre is smiling!:))