Stanley@70 Table Tennis Tournament

Winner of the "Stanley Cup" (1st place overall in the open divison):  Jang Soo Kim
"Stanley Cup" runner-up:  Dan Romik
Winner of the Novice Division:  Cesar Cuenca
Winner of over 70 and June 23 birthdays:  Richard Stanley
Transcript of the Awards Presentation (6/27/2014)
by Shan-Yuan Ho

The Stanley@70 Ping-Pong Tournament had approximately 50 competitors and we have 3 awards to give out. The first award is for the best among the novice players. Richard was the one who got me into Ping-Pong. He e-mailed me one day to play. I said, "Sure." He told me, "There is a rule in the department that if you lose 11-0, you buy the winner a beer." I thought, "How hard can that be? All I need is 1 point." I replied, "No problem!" Well, a 6-pack and several more beers later, I realized that this was not so trivial. Many visitors have come through and I have seen them losing beers to Richard, but I have never seen him lose any beers. The winner of the "Rising Star Award" is Cesar Misha Cuenka. Come to the front Misha. "As you enter the big leagues, we decided to help you out with this inaugural beer. Congratulations."

The 2nd award is for the overall winner. This open division had some tough and exciting matches. Richard reached the quarterfinals, but lost to the MIT Table Tennis Club President in the quarters. Of the 4 semi-finalists in this tournament, Richard has beaten 2 of the 4 of them in the past. Let's congratualate this year's winner of the Stanley Cup: Jangn Soo Kim. The winner receives this book, "Alan Turing: His work and his impact," and this "Stanley Cup." This is just a replica, Jang Soo will receive the real one later. The cup has a photo of Jang-Soo and Richard and the word's "Stanley @70 Cup" Notice that the "@70" and "ping-pong tournament" are in small print.

The 3rd and final award is for the division "70 and over and those with June 23rd birthdays." Richard asked me, "Is Ron Graham playing in the tournament?" We needed to have a contigency plan; so we made the division, "Exactly 70 and June 23rd birthdays." The winner of that division is Richard Stanley. We got this shirt to match Richard's banquet gift. This makes Richard an honorary Chinese and Honorary Chinese ping-pong player.

Richard's generosity and kindness has enriched my life and expanded my horizons. When I was an instructor in the math department and in a different field of mathematics than combinatorics, Richard invited me to participate in the Combinatorics research meetings and group events. He involved me in the Putnam exam, which has been a wonderful experience. And of course ping-pong. Richard's kindness and generosity to me has greatly affected my life deeply in ways he does not even know about. For that, thank you, Richard.

Since I haven't been able to beat Richard in ping-ping, the least I can do is to organize this tournament in his honor. It has been a pleasure and thank you all for participating in this conference and tournament which made it such an enjoyable event.

We made a big birthday card for Richard. There was a typo, the "King" was left out. Now for the long-awaited final talk of the conference by Richard.