j Shan-Yuan Ho's Homepage I am an Instructor of Pure Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
My research interests are in the areas of Information Theory, Stochastic Processes, and Probability Theory.
Courses taught:
- 18.310Principles of Discrete Math  (current)
- 18.440 Probability and Random Variables (Spring 2007)
- 18.310 Principles of Discrete Math (Fall 2006)
- 18.03 Differential Equations (2 Recitation Sections) (Spring 2006)

I am also a Physical Education Instructor in the Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation (DAPER) .
The P.E. classes I teach are Sports Conditioning, Kickboxing I,II,III,IV, and Bootcamp Workout.

My undergraduate and graduate time was spent in (for the most part):