Hamid Hezari                                                                                                             

CLE Moore Instructor
Department of Mathematics
77 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
Mentor: Richard Melrose

Office: 2-363B
E-mail: hezari@math.mit.edu


About me

I received my PhD from Johns Hopkins in 2009. My adviser was Steve Zelditch. Since then I have been a CLE Moore instructor at MIT, and I spent the fall of 2010 as a postdoc at the MSRI program on inverse problems. This fall, 2011, I am applying for academic jobs.

My research is in partial differential equations and geometric analysis, and I am especially interested in inverse problems and spectral geometry.

My research is supported in part by NSF grant DMS-0969745.


1. C spectral rigidity of the anisotropic harmonic oscillator. In preparation

2. A Fulling-Kuchment theorem for the harmonic oscillator (with Victor Guillemin). Submitted, arXiv-pdf

3. Inverse problems in spectral geometry, a survey on inverse spectral problems (with Kiril Datchev). To appear in Inverse Problems and Applications: Inside Out II , arXiv-pdf

4. A natural lower bound for the size of nodal sets (with Christopher Sogge). To appear in Analysis & PDE, arXiv-pdf

5. Lower bounds for volumes of nodal sets: an improvement of a result of Sogge-Zelditch (with Zuoqin Wang). To appear in AMS Proceedings on Spectral Geometry, arXiv-pdf

6. Resonant uniqueness of radial semiclassical Schrödinger operators (with Kiril Datchev). To appear in Applied Mathematics Research eXpress, arXiv-pdf

7. Spectral uniqueness of radial semiclassical Schrödinger operators (with Kiril Datchev and Ivan Ventura ). Mathematical Research Letters, Vol. 18, No. 3, pp. 521–529, 2011, arXiv-pdf

8. C spectral rigidity of the ellipse (with Steve Zelditch). Revise and submit, Analysis and PDE, arXiv-pdf

9. Inverse spectral problems for (Z/2Z)n-symmetric domains in Rn (with Steve Zelditch). GAFA Vol. 20, No. 1, pp. 160--191, 2010, arXiv-pdf

10. Inverse spectral problems for Schrödinger operators. Communications in Mathematical Physics, No. 3, pp. 1061--1088, 2009, arXiv-pdf

11. Complex zeros of eigenfunctions of 1-dimensional Schrödinger Operators. International Mathematics Research Notices, No.3, article ID: rnm148, 2008, arXiv-pdf


Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of Schrödinger operators: Inverse spectral theory and the zeros of eigenfunctions. Ph.D. Thesis, The Johns Hopkins University, 2009


18.100C- Real Analysis, Fall 2011

18.06- Linear Algebra, Spring 2011

18.024- Multivariable Calculus with Theory , Spring 2010

18.03- Differential Equations, Fall 2009


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