MY STUDENTS with title (and year) of PhD thesis.

Corrado De Concini: "The mod 2 cohomology of the orthogonal group over a finite field" (Warwick,1975) deconcin at mat uniroma1 it

John Kelly: "Fields generated by the values of the characters of the finite classical groups" (Warwick,1975)

Nigel R. O'Brian: "Zeroes of holomorphic vector fields and Grothendieck duality theory" (Warwick,1975) nigel at maths usyd edu au

Paul Lees: "Steinberg representations for the general linear group over the integers modulo a prime power" (Warwick,1976)

Nicolas Spaltenstein: "Dynkin varieties" (Warwick,1977)

Robert Bedard: "Brauer lifting of modular representations" (MIT,1983) bedard.robert at uqam ca

Gregory Lawton: "On cells in affine Weyl groups" (MIT,1986)

James Smelt: "Fixed point sets of nilpotent elements acting on affine flag manifolds" (MIT,1989)

Ian Grojnowski: "Character sheaves on symmetric spaces" (MIT,1992) groj at dpmms cam ac uk

Oh Kang Kwon: "Irreducible representations of braid groups via quantized enveloping algebras" (MIT,1994)

Julia Chislenko: "On geometric constructions of the universal enveloping algebra U(SL(n))" (MIT,1994)

C. Kenneth Fan: "A Hecke algebra quotient and properties of commutative elements of a Weyl group" (MIT,1995) ckfan at msn com

Kirsten Bremke: "Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials and cells for affine Weyl groups with unequal parameters" (MIT,1996)

Eric Sommers: "Nilpotent orbits and affine flag manifolds" (MIT,1997) sommers at math umass edu

Konstanze Rietsch: "Total positivity and real flag varieties" (MIT,1998) konstanze.rietsch at kcl ac uk

Anthony Henderson: "Character sheaves on symmetric spaces" (MIT,2001) anthony.henderson at sydney edu au

Kevin McGerty: "Affine quantum algebras, Weyl groups and constructible functions" (MIT,2002) mcgerty at maths ox ac uk

Xuhua He: "Some subvarieties of the De Concini-Procesi compactification" (MIT,2005) xuhuahe at math umd edu

Ting Xue: "Nilpotent orbits in bad characteristic and the Springer correspondence" (MIT, 2010) ting.xue at unimelb edu au

Dongkwan Kim: "On total Springer representations" (MIT, 2018).