18.408 Topics in Theoretical Computer Science. Fall 2016.

This (graduate level, research-oriented) course will be run as a seminar, with presentations mostly by the student participants, and several faculty members (Michel Goemans, Ankur Moitra, Jon Kelner, Peter Shor, ...) will participate in some of the sessions. The goal is for the students to present either recent papers from theoretical computer science conferences or more classical results in theoretical computer science that may not be covered in other classes at MIT. The topics covered will depend on the interest of the participants but will likely have an algorithmic slant. The first meeting will be on September 9th at 9AM, and Michel Goemans will be will be giving the first seminar (the remaining ones by students).

Students interested in participating are encouraged to send an email to indicate their interest.

Change of Time and Room. We have moved the seminar to Tuesdays from 11AM to 1PM, and we will meet in 2-255.

(Non-exhaustive!) list of possible papers to present: